• Pythons are generalist regarding prey choice Read More
  • Pythons are ambushers and have a forked tongue that helps them detect odor from potential prey Read More
  • Pythons strike with incredible velocity and kill their prey by constriction
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  • Fascinating as they are, pythons can reach lengths of up to 35 feet Read More
  • Smaller pythons have many enemies including lizards, crocodiles and large birds Read More
  • Pythons are doing fine in both wet and dry environments Read More
  • Most prey are swallowed head first as this reduce resistance Read More
  • Its prey is killed by asphyxiation, which is the same as suffocation
    Read More
  • Pythons reach maturity when they are 5-6 years
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Videos of various Python snakes

By Anders Nielsen, Ph.d.

A pet python.

This video shows how a tiger fights a python.

Python Snakes - pictures

The pythons on the pictures below are photographed in captivity. In the wild, pythons may be slightly smaller than the pythons shown here. I' been allowed to use the photos - please see the acknowledgements at the index site of this site. For more information about python snakes please visit the home site of this webpage.

A reticulated python

Another retic python

A green tree python

A pythons skull

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